Happiness is a choice

In the roller coaster life journey post covid,
There was not much joy
Life came to an standstill
With no sight of light,
I stayed within to survive like a turtle in the shell,
Stayed within my container, without worrying about the noise around me
I kept looking for the sunshine, I found one off late
It is never late to live again,

She is a gem of personality,
Her voice is sweet,
Her smile is contagious,
She makes my day brighter everyday

She vibrates positivity,
She speaks from her heart
She is bold, Her soul is beautiful,

I don’t know much about her, but all i know is, being close to her makes me happy..

Life if fragile, Love is forever

Is intimacy an attachment?
Is attachment a sin?
Does the attachment last forever?
What does forever mean in a fragile life?
where life is not forever ..
For me, privacy is:
speaking through the heart;
stay connected with the soul;
taking care of each other;
telling the truth;
genuinely care for the other;
stay close without disturbing you;
It is not a right but a privilege;
is not taken but given by the other
my sweetest soulmate,
If I’m wrong at any time, feel free to slap me
I’d rather get hit on my cheeks
to get hurt in the heart
please spell your anger instead of
killing me with your silence …
a stranger a few days ago turned out to be her soul mate now,
being close to me is always your option,
I may not be the best, but I will always try to be the best version of me for you …
we are different in many ways, but we have one thing in common between us … love without limits